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All-Time Captains
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   The Captains of Oceanside Football

Oceanside Football Captains
1926 Wilber Baravalle
1927 F. Miller
1928 P. Dunnett
1929 John Vandermosten
1930 T. Kaye
1931 R. Dowling
1932 R. Baumann
1933 Tony Krumenacker
1934 T. Cambell
1935 William Helmck Michael Icesparrow
1936 N/A
1937 Richard McLean Leon Neamon
1938 Steve Poleshuck Raymond McDonald
1939 Bela Rieger Robert Adrian
1940 Alfred Shapiro
1941 Alfred Shapiro
1942 No Season
1943 N/A
1944 N/A
1945 N/A
1946 Eugene Steigerwald Jack Cavanagh
1947 Turley Scarsfield
1948 William Turlen William Lucas
1949 James Damone William Davidson
1950 Raymond Kenney Thomas Brennan
1951 Peter Damone
1952 Richard Holborow Seymour Skowronek
1953 Patrick Gorman
1954 Paul Wolfrom Jeremiah Di Giovanni
1955 Dale Goodman Anthony Garro
1956 William Healy Vincent Macri Philip Popick
1957 Charles Rothkoph Frank Santoli Edward Woltman
1958 N/A
1959 Joseph Kunkel Donald Patterson
1960 John Dapolito Chris Holborow
1961 Thomas Morgan Robert Patton
1962 Richard Speckman James Trevithick
1963 Jim Levering Bob Sattel
1964 Bob Maurino William Reid
1965 Steve Poleshuck
1966 Dave Dennis
1967 Peter Boyle A.J. Russo
1968 Paul Jergensen Steve Lucas
1969 Bob Marsicoveteri Pat Martone
1970 Steve Theobold
1971 Ken Lucas James Julia
1972 Paul Russo Kevin Slattery Tim Wagner
1973 Ed Henniger
1974 Marty Pitiger Tom Gionis
1975 Donald Calagna Christopher Lucas Robert Lucas
1976 Tony Baccari Dan Rutledge Dave Sells
1977 Pete Gibson Dave Glazer
1978 Frank De Fontes Glen Gordon Chris Sussingham
1979 Kevin De Fontes Dom Fornaro Mark Vercruysse
1980 Jim Lucas Vinny Nawrocki
1981 Chris Ferguson Ed Zang
1982 John Bilello Craig Jacoby Mike Jennings
1983 Glenn Carlin Pat Veltri Jack Vero
1984 Rob lenox Dan Lindner Jeff Oris
1985 Lenny Abt Michael Seaman
1986 Tom O'Riordan Mike Delibero Mike Gannon
1987 Sean O'Sullivan
1988 Minke Donoghue Chris Edwards Mitch Sigman
1989 Mike Veltri Jay Fiedler
1990 N/A
1991 N/A
1992 N/A
1993 Keith Maurino Mondo Polanco Doug Reicherter
1994 Brian Brennan Vinny Corso
1995 Frank Trotta Ken Krapf Jesse Mistero
1996 Matt Carraciolo Jimmy Kamitsis Jason Pearl
1997 Lawrence Pette Nick Polanco Billy Shea
1998 N/A
1999 N/A
2000 Joe Catalano Pat Chambers Brendan Hrrigan
2001 Domenick DiDomenico Jimmy Herold
2002 Mike Calderazzo Joe Migliano
2003 DJ Toby Tommy Herold Mike Merseberg
2004 N/A
2005 N/A
2006 Josh Hilzinger Rob Anesse Chris Tob Chris Logan
2007 Chris Logan Mark Godbold Steve Polidoro Joe Gennosa Shane Wynn Danny Lazrus
2008 Thomas Pollet C.J. Paulette Lance King
2009 Joe Wetherell Ryan Spencer Michael Connell Jeremy Lee
2010 Chris Flynn *Cap* Tyler Heuer Brian Ellis Nick Sheet Michael Pignotti
2011 Hector Quintin *Cap* Phil Ragona Andrew Borruso Dan Hernandez Steven Checco
2012 Tom Capon *Cap* Anthony Pintabona *Cap* Shane Saucier Justin Buckley
Vassili Grigorakos
2013 Connor Johnson *Cap* James Kretkowski Joe Denaro Max Schneider
2014 Vinny Guarino *Cap* Shane Clark Morgan McCarthy Mike Checco Kyone Muprhy
2015 Vinny Guarino *Cap* James Paczkowski Nick Pizzarelli Mike Ambrosecchia
2015 Aronis Espinal Ryan Penna Greg Axelrod
2016 Paul Schell Brandon Roth Tommy Heuer Vincent Schell
2017 Tommy Heuer Vincent Schell
2018 Jake Lazzaro Eddie Mannone Charlie McKee John Natoli
2019 Charlie McKee Nicky Platia Joe Ruggieri

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"2002 - Mike Calderazzo, Joe Migliano 2003 - DJ Toby, Tommy Herold, Mike Merseberg"

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"Correction to 1982 captain spelling is John Bilello"

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"Does anyone update this site? 1994 CAPTAINS: Brian Brennan Vinny Corso 1995 Captain Correction: Jesse Mistero not Messe 1996 CAPTAINS : Matt Carraciolo Jason Pearl Jimmy Kamitsis Go Sailors"

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"1975 Captain Don Calagna was a 5th year Senior. Kessnich pulled that a few times in his 22 years."

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"1986 captains Tom O'Riordan, Mike Delibero, Mike Gannon"

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"Correctio to 1969 Captain. His name should be Bob Marsicoveteri."

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"1976 Captain Dave Sells"

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"1996 CAPTAINS: Matt Carraciolo Jimmy Kamitsis Jason Pearl"

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"Thomas Pollet, Captain 2008. C.J. Paulette, Captain 2008. Lance King, Captain 2008. "

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