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Major County Award Honors
Page Created By: Sailors Football Date : 5/3/2012

Jim Thorp Award

“Most Outstanding Football Player in Nassau County”

Martone Award

“Top Lineman in Nassau County”

Jay Fiedler-1989 (Finalist)

Craig Jacoby-1982 (Finalist)

Tyler Heuer- 2010 (Finalist)

Andrew Borruso- 2011 (Finalist)

Tommy Heuer-2017 (Winner)

Max Schneider-2013 (Finalist)

James Kretkowski-2013 (Winner)

Vincent Schell-2017 (Finalist)

Michael Scibelli-2017 (Winner)

Piner Award

“Top Linebacker in Nassau County”

Don Snyder Award

“Top Quarterback in Nassau County”

Bryan Aguilar-2017 (Winner)

Tyler Heuer-2010 (Winner)

Tom Capone-2012 (Finalist)

Vinny Guarino-2015 (Finalist)

Tommy Heuer-2017 (Winner)

N.Y. Jets WR Award

“Top Wide Receiver in Nassau County”

Roy Kessenich Award

“Top 3-Sport Athlete in Nassau County”

Gene Garay- 2009 (Finalist)

Jay Fiedler- 1989 (Winner)

Gene Garay- 2010 (Winner)

Dom DiDomenico-2001 (Winner)

Anthony Pintabona- 2011 (Finalist)

Chris Flynn-2010 (Finalist)

Anthony Pintabona-2012 (Finalist)

James Paczkowski 2015 (Finalist)

Jake Lazzaro-2017- (Finalist)

Rutgers cup

“Best Team in Nassau County”


Jack Boyle Assistant Coach of the Year Award

Nassau County Coach of the Year Award

Roy Kessenich-1977

Rob Blount-2010

Rob Blount-2017

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