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October 2018

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Anthony Pintabona Senior Highlight Film Week 1-5
Oceanside 2013 Preview
Tom Capone Senior Highlight film Week 1-5
Phil Ragona-2010-11-Senior Highlight Film
Brian Ellis-2009-2010-Senior Highlight Film
Chris Flynn-2009-10-Senior Highlight Film
Hector Quintin-2009-2011-Senior Highlight Film
Tyler Heuer-2009-10- Senior Highlight Film
Gene Garay-2008-2010-Senior Highlight Film
2018 Oceanside Football Opener
Oceanside vs. Westbury Friday 9/7 5:30pm @Westbury Come support the Oceanside Sailors at their season opener! CULTURE WINS!
Oceanside Sails Past Massapequa
Oceanside- 45 Massapequa- 21 https://www.newsday.com/sports/high-school/football/tommy-heuer-tosses-three-tds-totals-354-yards-for-oceanside-1.14131539 Tommy Heuer tosses three TDs, totals 354 yards for Oceanside Updated September 9,
2017 Oceanside Football Opener!
Oceanside vs. Massapequa  Saturday 9/9 2pm @ Massapequa Come down and support the Sailors! Here are some news clips and features on our team. http://longisland.news12.com/clip/13612236/long-island-sportscast-aug-18 http
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